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The CEO holds a pivotal role in the day-to-day operations of any company, tasked with ensuring effective commercial activities and proper organizational functioning. Additionally, the CEO is entrusted with representing the shareholders’ interests, which may diverge from those of the company’s employees. This inherent conflict, embedded in the social relationships between labor and capital, coupled with situations where managerial duties are not consistently performed with professionalism or integrity, leads to numerous judicial and pre-trial disputes. Courts often grapple with determining whether the duties of employees and/or managers have been adequately fulfilled, and applying legal liability when violations are identified.

The CONFIDENCE Law Office team boasts extensive experience in resolving workplace disputes and managing liability cases, serving as a reliable representative for employers, employees, companies, shareholders, creditors, and CEOs. Throughout the dispute resolution process, the CONFIDENCE Law Office team actively seeks peaceful resolutions, guiding clients in selecting the most rational approaches to address their disagreements. Led by seasoned lawyer Evelina Trukšinienė, the CONFIDENCE Law Office Workplace Disputes and Management Liability Practice Group excels in providing comprehensive assistance in navigating these complex legal matters.

Evelina Trukšinienė

Partner, Attorney-at-law


  • Compensation for damages caused by the improper management of a company
  • Damage caused by illegal transactions
  • Compensation for damages to creditors caused by the illegal actions of a CEO or a shareholder
  • Intentional bankruptcy
  • Unfair competition and/or the disclosure of confidential information
  • Enforcement of non-competition and confidentiality agreements
  • Payments of salaries and other payments
  • Unlawful dismissals or suspension from duties
  • Compensation for material and/or non-material damages caused by an employee or an employer
  • Employment contract conditions
  • Discrimination at work