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Article 38 of the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania states that the family is the basis of the society and the state. However, modern families often face a number of difficulties in terms of reconciling the different traits, as well as the personal and property interests of each family member. When a pair of spouses fails to reach an agreement or refuses to find a compromise, their dispute often ends up in court and leads to family separation. In this type of dispute, the state’s primary objective is to find a reasonable balance between the desire to preserve the family and to ensure the protection of personal interests.

The CONFIDENCE lawyers have extensive experience in the field of family disputes. They have representing the interests of clients in -complex cases involving divorce and the division of property, as well as in emotionally-sensitive disputes involving children. The CONFIDENCE Family Disputes Practice Group is led by the experienced lawyer, Evelina Trukšinienė.

Evelina Trukšinienė

Partner, attorney-at-law


  • Enforcing the rights and obligations of spouses
  • Divorce
  • Determining a child’s place of residence
  • Awarding alimony
  • Establishing communication with children
  • Disputes or recognitions of parenthood
  • Division of property between spouses or partners
  • Division of a family business
  • Payment of compensation and/or damages
  • Inheritance