CONFIDENCE Law Office successfully defended the interests of a shareholder against another shareholder of the company, who was also the director and former spouse of the client. The ex-partner coerced the client into transferring profitable company shares at zero value using threats. Notably, no notary agreed to certify such a transaction. Upon consulting CONFIDENCE Law Office lawyers, it was evident that the contract had fundamental flaws. Consequently, a lawsuit was filed on behalf of the client, and the courts fully upheld the claim, dismissing the defendant’s counterclaim.

In the first instance, the decision favored the plaintiff, but the court did not award all representation costs incurred by the client. Moreover, the court made statements in the decision that were not beneficial to the client. In response, CONFIDENCE Law Office filed an appeal, which was fully satisfied. The appellate court removed unfavorable statements from the decision’s reasoning and awarded all the costs incurred by the client during the legal proceedings.

The victory in this case was achieved through the collaborative efforts of lawyer Evelina Trukšinienė and lawyer David Gurvič.