At the invitation of scholars from Pantheon-Assas University of Paris, Laurynas Didžiulis, Associate Professor at Vilnius University, visited the Faculty of Law of Pantheon-Assas University in Paris. Both law faculties are renowned as leading and prestigious institutions in their respective countries.

During his visit, Assoc. Prof. Laurynas Didžiulis delivered a presentation in the Law of Obligations section, focusing on civil liability in pre-contractual relations and chains of persons. Scholars from French, Italian, Austrian, and Japanese jurisprudence participated in the discussion, offering insights into the Lithuanian case law presented. Panelists were somewhat critical of the Lithuanian case law on the application of the non-cumulative rule and shared perspectives on what decisions their national courts might have made in similar situations. The legal scholars also engaged in discussions on other issues in the law of obligations, seeking solutions. This visit is expected to strengthen cooperation between Lithuanian and French legal scholars.