CONFIDENCE Law Office helped to maintain corporate control by issuance of different share classes

Attorney-at-law Dr Paulius Miliauskas led CONFIDENCE corporate and contract team to successfully implement shareholder structure changes of foreign capital company. CONFIDENCE advised on how to issue two different share classes: ordinary shares with voting rights and preferred shares with non-cumulative dividends and no voting rights. Legal services encompassed project of the new shareholding structure, drafting of all required documents, consultations and representation in notary public office and company register. The model implemented by CONFIDENCE allowed the company to offer shares to its employees and foreign partners without losing control of the company.

Shareholder and governance structure form one of the main factors for success of every business. This is especially important in cases where shares are granted to employees or issued to foreign partners. CONFIDENCE Law Office constantly advices on the best shareholder structures in particular business, issuance of different share classes and regulation of relations between shareholders. CONFIDENCE lawyers are always ready to advice on how to optimise capital structure and ways to maintain control of the company when issuing new shares.